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Hockey can be a dangerous sport. To reduce a serious injury it is important that you protect yourself when you . The NHL has for some years required the shin guard and the bit since 2015-2016. If you do not carry this, you cannot participate in the game. Besides the bit and the shin guards you can also protect yourself with a glove. Below you can read all the different protection that are used in hockey and are available at .


Protecting your teeth with a hockey stick is of the utmost importance. A hockey ball or stick can prevent annoying tooth injuries. A bit distributes the force at a touch, which means that the chance of damage is many times smaller. There are different models available. As they become more expensive, they offer more and more protection. The top models today are certainly as good as those made by a dentist and are much cheaper in price. You can get bits in all colors, sizes and even in different flavors and .

Shin guards

hockey shin guards tacks-7092

There are two types of shin protection to use. You can choose a shin guard with a so-called ‘foot’ or a shin protector ‘without a foot’. A shin guard covers your ankle and the entire lower leg. You have the right size when there is a space of two fingers below the knee. This ensures that you have no irritation when you bend your knee.


Regarding gloves, there are several options. What glove you choose has to do with the reason why you want a glove. Three different options are described below.
Field glove
The field glove is a glove where the tips of the fingers and the thumb are not covered. The rest of the hand is protected. Wear the glove on your left. This is because this hand is more often on the ground and the most vulnerable is in a duel.

Hockey Gloves
hockey jerseys with Gloves.

Room glove
The indoor glove is most commonly used in indoor hockey. A room glove covers the entire hand and is again worn on your left hand. This is because there is more direct contact with the hand. A compact game where you cannot escape from putting your hand on the floor. Many hockey clubs have already made this glove obligatory and we expect the NHL to take the necessary rules. You also see a room glove appear more and more on the field. Some will wear these on their left and right hands so that they are extra well protected. This is often done by people who practice a profession where the use of hands is essential (physiotherapist, doctor, dentist, etc.).


The penalty corner is seen as a good scoring opportunity and therefore an important reason to train well. As a result, the ball has been pushed a lot harder on goal in the last few years (sleep push). If you push during a penalty corner, he may be played high on goal, as opposed to a shot. This involves many risks for the defending party. You will see the following protection below more and more during the defense of a penalty corner.
Penknife glove
A penalty corner glove is a bit bigger than a normal field glove. It is a thick, bulky glove that offers great protection. This glove is mainly worn by the first outlet and the line stop. You see this protection especially in senior teams.

FM580 Hockey Helmet Face Mask
Cheap Hockey Helmet Face Mask.

A mask at the penalty corner is not so new anymore, but is still underestimated. Especially a line stop or a first outlet can occur in situations where a ball comes to the head. A mask is therefore especially important when high balls are given on goal. You see this less often in the youth teams than in the senior teams.
The tok has been used for some years by the mainly higher hockey teams. It protects your genitals for the hockey ball. You see that this protection is more often worn by men because the hockey balls are fired at such a speed that reaction is often too late. You will not come across this in youth teams.


As a goalkeeper you always have to go to the field well packed. When you have the right materials you feel more secure and that is reflected in the actions. In addition, what is even more important, you get a lot to endure as a keeper.

March 2, 2018

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